The Dark Knight Rises’ Anne Hathaway Originally Thought She Was Auditioning to Play Harley Quinn

Ever since Suicide Squad hit theaters in 2016, Margot Robbie has become known for her excellent portrayal of Harley Quinn. The actor reprised the role this year in Birds of Prey, and will soon be seen again in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. However, a while back, there was another famous name who thought she'd be playing the part. Back in 2012, Anne Hathaway played Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, but the star recently revealed in an interview with BBC 1 that she thought she was auditioning for Harley. In fact, she even dressed for the part.

“I came in and I had this lovely Vivian Westwood kind of beautiful-but-mad tailoring top with stripes going everywhere. And I wore these flat Joker-ey looking shoes. And I was trying to give Chris these crazy little smiles,” Hathaway revealed. She added, “About an hour into the meeting he said ‘Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but it’s Catwoman.’ And I was shifting into a different gear. ‘Now ok, we’re slinky. We’re slinky. And I hate my shirt. I love my shirt, but I hate it right now. We’re slinky.’”

While Robbie is expected to keep playing Harley Quinn for DC, a new actor will soon be taking up the Catwoman mantle that was once held by Hathaway. It was announced late last year that Big Little Lies star and X-Men alum Zoe Kravitz was tapped to play Selina Kyle. Positive reactions to this casting flooded social media, with both fans and fellow stars weighing in on the choice by The Batman director Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. People seem to really love the idea of Kravitz as Catwoman, even Hathaway. The star took to Instagram after the casting news was announced to share her excitement for Kravitz and the future of the character. "The biggest congrats to [Zoe Kravitz] on landing the role of a lifetime," Hathaway wrote in the post. "Well, one life anyway... Enjoy the ride, Selena."

Recently, Kravitz told Vanity Fair that she's trying her best to stay in shape for the upcoming movie while in quarantine. “Yeah. So I mean, it’s not like the studio called and said, 'Don’t get fat, ****.' But I had been training now for maybe four or five months and the first couple weeks that I self-quarantined, I remember texting the director, I texted Matt and I was like, 'we might have to make the catsuit a few sizes bigger when this is over.' So I quickly decided to get my **** together and I’ve been working out virtually with my trainer David Higgins five days a week.”

The Batman is now scheduled to hit theaters in October 2021.