The Sandlot Reunion Trailer Released

It's been nearly 30 years since The Sandlot debuted in theaters, and now the cast of the beloved 1993 film are coming together for a virtual reunion and it looks like it will be a fun one not just for fans but for The Sandlot's stars as well. Patrick Renna, who played Hamilton "Ham" Porter, debuted the trailer for the cast reunion this week, revealing an event full of laughter, reminiscing, and revisiting of iconic lines from the film.

In the just under two-minute trailer, Renna is joined by much of the film's original cast save for Mike Vitar, who played Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in the original film and opted out of the reunion. In his absence, the reunion will instead incorporate various Major League Baseball players, including former Los Angeles Dodgers player Dee Gordon who according to Renna is a real-life Benny the Jet, as Gordon's actual baseball career has featured an element of Benny's movie ending: playing for the Dodgers and stealing home plate.

"One of the guys we got was Dee Gordon, who was a former Dodger, and I found out he stole home twice I think," Renna told Entertainment Weekly. "We had the real-life Benny the Jet in the reunion."

The reunion is hosted by Renna and Los Angeles Dodger Justin Turner and his wife, Kourtney Turner in support of the Justin Turner Foundation serving homeless veterans, children (and their families) battling life-altering illnesses and diseases and various youth baseball organizations. The reunion will premiere Wednesday, July 15 on the You're Killing Me with Patrick Renna YouTube channel.

As for future plans for The Sandlot's cast, a sequel television series is in the works for Disney+. The series is expected to be set in the 1980s and center around the children of the original film's characters -- the original film was set in 1962. The film's original cast are expected to return for the film along with director David Mickey Evans. That cast and their characters are Tom Guiry (Scotty Smalls), Mike Vitar (Benjamin “Benny” Franklin Rodriguez), Patrick Renna (Hamilton “Ham” Porter), Chauncey Leopardi (Michael “Squints” Palledorous), Marty York (Alan “Yeah-Yeah” McClennan), Brandon Quintin Adams (Kenny DeNunez), Grant Gelt (Bertram Weeks), Victor DiMattia (Timmy Timmons), and Shane Obedzinski (Tommy “Repeat” Timmons).


“We all met on it, and all the guys are interested in it. The concept is we're grown up and we have our own kids. And so, it's, there's some cool angles to it," Renna said.

The Sandlot Cast Reunion will premiere Wednesday, July 15 on the You're Killing Me with Patrick Renna YouTube channel.