Tremors 7 Star Shares First Official Look at Sequel, Confirms October Release Date

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In the 30 years since the first Tremors landed in theaters, the one consistent component fans have come to expect is Michael Gross playing Burt Gummer, which will be true in the upcoming Tremors 7. The actor recently took to Facebook to share an official look at his character in the upcoming film, while also revealing that the film is slated to debut in October. As has been the case with other sequels in the franchise, the film will likely debut on On Demand services, potentially followed by a release on a streaming platform. Additionally, the film will also likely score a physical media release before the end of the year.

In the new film, “The deadly Graboids are back, illegally brought in to a new island resort by a rich playboy looking for a trophy hunt.”

"It's been a long time since I've hosted a Tremors Tuesday, and because Official Tremors Franchise Fans have been extraordinarily patient, here's a sneak peek of Burt Gummer as we first see him in Universal Studios Hollywood's Tremors 7, available this October," Gross shared on Facebook.

The original film saw a small Southwestern town come under attack from massive subterranean creatures, with the community realizing that these monstrous worms hunted by sound, forcing them to take unconventional measures to ensure their survival. Gross was joined in that film by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, with Ward going on to reprise his role in the first sequel before parting ways with the franchise.

The terrifying "Graboids" evolved into a variety of forms over the course of the series, with the series' adventures also covering a number of different concepts. Given his history with the character, it's clear that Gross' performance of Gummer is more than just another job, as he previously shared how he had already begun developing ideas for what this seventh film would be while still shooting the last film.

"I was having ideas about that while we were still doing Tremors 6," Gross previously confessed to about having plans for his character's future. "Yes, absolutely I have ideas. I'm not at liberty to divulge them to you or I'd have to kill you. But yeah. My little brain is cooking about just what's the next evolution of him, what does he have to face next, and what does he need, what does he want, and how do the monsters change, too, if they do. Where do we take this next? So it's very much a part of my thought."


Stay tuned for details about Tremors 7 before it debuts in October.

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