Vin Diesel Teases Major Bloodshot Update

Weeks after word surfaced a Bloodshot sequel could be in the works, it looks like franchise star [...]

Weeks after word surfaced a Bloodshot sequel could be in the works, it looks like franchise star Vin Diesel is confirming that's the case. In a post to his Instagram Monday evening, the Guardians of the Galaxy alum mentioned he had plenty of great news to share, being sure to include the Bloodshot hashtag and putting it all along with a still he took from the feature.

Though the movie had box office returns far below average, it debuted right at the onset of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Because it was one of the first blockbusters to go to a video-on-demand route, insiders suggest it might have earned Sony a hefty payday from at-home film buffs.

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When we spoke to DMG executive and megaproducer Dan Mintz earlier this year, the filmmaker stopped short of confirming Bloodshot 2 was in development, even though he hinted Diesel was most certainly on board to return to the world. "First of all, he was very passionate about it. I think you saw that in social media," Mintz said at the time. "He understands the power of it and his kids and his family understand it, who gives him a lot of kind of motivation and understanding. So yeah, I think there's a lot of commitment to that."

Even then, the producer added Hollywood was still interested in the Valiant Cinematic Universe as talks with studios and distributors were ongoing for all of the outfit's upcoming projects, including a Quantum & Woody television series.

"There's a lot of wind to its back and it gives confidence to other studios and other partners to really step up and push these things forward," the filmmaker says of the VCU and its future projects. "So, I'm feeling good about all of that, and that rollout to me is very, very clear. It's very, very clear because A, you have two studios rolling stuff out, and then B you also have us rolling things out."

Bloodshot is now available wherever movies are sold.

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