Kevin Smith Reveals Wonder Woman 1984 Scenes That Made Him Cry

Kevin Smith has revealed which Wonder Woman 1984 scene made him cry. Like a lot of the [...]

Kevin Smith has revealed which Wonder Woman 1984 scene made him cry. Like a lot of the character's fans, this film had been a long time coming. But, for the director, the part of the film that really got him emotional was when Steve Trevor and Diana decided to head to Cairo by jet. Fans who have seen the film know that Wonder Woman uses her powers to make the aircraft invisible to give the military the slip. People had been wondering how Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot would go about integrating various parts of Wonder Woman's mythos into these movies. The invisible jet was on the wishlist from Day 1. So, it's a big moment for everyone invested in the character, and that includes Smith. He talked about his emotional reactions to that and the other action sequences on Fatman Beyond this week. Check out what he had to say down below:

"Caretaker in the chat just said, 'I bet Kevin cried when the jet turned invisible.' I did! I cried when the jet turned invisible. I cried in the opening ceremony. I really thought that was kind of beautiful. I cried in the mall, when she appears for the first time. Like, all that goofy, saving the day s***… Think about this, this isn't me s******* on anything one iota. But, remember in Justice League, the first appearance of Wonder Woman is this crazy British guy who's like, 'My bomb's not gonna go off. So, I'm going to shoot all these children in the face.' She shows up and stops him."

"That is harrowing. Really harrowing. Nothing in this movie, particularly in the first 15 minutes was very harrowing. Maybe the guy grabbing the girl and holding her over the railing was a little harrowing. That was as intense as it got. But, like Wonder Woman's saves were charming. Straight out of Donner Superman."

Jenkins actually talked to CBR about the flying sequence and the Superman influence this week.

"I love that scene. It's one of my favorite scenes in film history, and so I loved it," the director explained about the Superman allusion. "I also -- it was -- secretly, you know, people always were like, 'What's the No Man's Land? What's the No Man's Land? [in the sequel]' I was like, 'There's not going to be a No Man's Land because this is a different movie. There's going to be nuance!'

Jenkins added, "But in a way, that is the No Man's Land. It's a different moment where she has to make the brave choice by herself. So, facing grief in that way was the No Man's Land, and it does carry that emotion of Steve with her up into the sky. So yeah, that's a great compliment. I'm so happy to hear that."

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