Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Reveals New Starfleet Uniforms

On Monday, during the First Contact Day celebration, Paramount+ debuted the first teaser trailer [...]

On Monday, during the First Contact Day celebration, Paramount+ debuted the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's fourth season. Fans who have followed the series will remember that the Discovery crew finally discarded their 23rd-century Starfleet uniforms for the newer look of the Starfleet of the 32nd century. It seems that the Discovery crew got those uniforms as they were reaching the end of their lifespan because the new trailer shows them in brand-new Starfleet attire. The new Starfleet uniforms have a similar cut to the previous 32nd-century Starfleet dress, but now with department colors as their primary hue.

Michael Burnham, now Discovery's captain, is in command red. Paul Stamets, Adira Tal, and Sylvia Tilly are all in science blue (Tilly wearing this color suggests she may no longer be Discovery's First Officer). Members of the bridge crew, including Kayla Detmer and Joann Owosekun, are in operations gold. The uniforms look like a blend of 32nd-century Starfleet and the Enterprise crew uniforms seen in Discovery's second season (and, presumably, the upcoming spinoff, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds).

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Trailer Starfleet Uniforms
(Photo: Paramount+)

According to the new synopsis for the season, Star Trek: Discovery Season Four finds Captain Burnham and the U.S.S. Discovery crew facing a threat unlike any they've ever encountered. With Federation and non-Federation worlds alike feeling the impact, they must confront the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful future for all.

Burnham became Discovery's captain at the end of season three. spoke to co-showrunner Michelle Paradise about how Burnham's promotion changes the series and whether it's a move towards a more traditional Star Trek.

"In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no," she explained. Burnham, it feels like when you cast someone like Sonequa [Martin-Green] in the Number One role, you're just waiting for the day when she's going to take the captain seat. And we knew going into season three that that's where we wanted to take her at the very end of the season. But I think being captain, in some ways you don't answer to people in the same way, but in some ways, you still have to answer to people. And so I think what's exciting for the Burnham character is that season three takes her on this journey from essentially rejecting the chair in episode three, when she and Saru are having that conversation, to taking it at the end of 13.

Star Trek: Discovery's fourth season premieres later this year on Paramount+.