Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Season 2 Will Bring New Sequel Trilogy Stories

The first season of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures offered a new and exciting interpretation of some of the most iconic moments from the Star Wars franchise, and with the second season of Galaxy of Adventures having officially launched, Lucasfilm exec James Waugh has confirmed that the episodes will also deliver new adventures that unfolded with the sequel trilogy characters that audiences haven't yet seen. With the sequel trilogy having officially concluded and with no confirmed adventures featuring these characters on the horizon, devout Rey, Poe, and Finn fans will be thrilled to get any new journeys of these characters we can get.

“With the first season, we were really expanding upon moments you knew and finding an anchored way to retell them in a minute,” Waugh, VP, content and strategy at Lucasfilm shared with “With this, it gave us an opportunity to say, ‘Okay, we’ve done that with the form. Can we do new storytelling?’”

In addition to adventures featuring sequel trilogy characters, the new season is set to incorporate elements from Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attractions at their amusement parks.

“Season Two of Galaxy of Adventures seemed like a great opportunity to learn more about these new characters,” Sung Jin Ahn, supervising director at Titmouse, shared with the site. “A chance to elaborate on them further than what the trilogy touched on.”

The themes and stories of the Star Wars saga relay classic battles between good and evil, though the intensity of live-action experiences might not be appropriate for audiences of all ages. In addition to distilling the most heroic moments into animated shorts, Galaxy of Adventures also offers the creatives opportunities to draw comparisons between characters throughout the franchise in exciting ways.

“Star Wars, thematically, echoes the past a lot,” Josh Rimes, director, animation series development at Lucasfilm pointed out. “So we stylistically looked at Rey’s introductory piece the same way we looked at Luke’s introductory piece in Season One, and came up with a visual language and style that’s totally Rey. But when you see it, it links up thematically to Luke’s piece when he discovers Obi-Wan on Tatooine.”

Since the debut of the first season, fans have been praising the animation style, with Waugh noting that there are ideas for not only more episodes, but potentially projects with a longer format.

“I think we’d love to see that, too,” Waugh admitted in regards to prequel and long-form stories. “It has to be the right story and the right opportunity.”


Check out new episodes of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures on and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

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