Star Wars: The Acolyte: How Robert Pattinson Inspired One Character's Wardrobe

Robert Pattison has made his mark on the Star Wars Universe in a way he never expected!

The Batman star Robert Pattinson is known for being a style icon offscreen as much as he is in his movie roles – but did you know he inspired the look of one new Star Wars character? 

Star Wars: The Acolyte has introduced the character of Qimir to the franchise, played by actor Manny Jacinto (The Good Place). Qimir was teased as a "former smuggler" when The Acolyte first began, but he's quickly proven to be much more than that... 

Qimir allegedly works for the same mysterious dark side "Master" who sent Mae (Amandla Stenberg) on a mission to kill four Jedi. The smuggler aided Mae in her assassinations, providing intel, logistical support, and even weaponry (like poison). Viewers also witnessed Qimir infiltrate a shop in the middle of a crowded sentiment (seemingly murdering the owner); he also deceived his way out of a room of Jedi investigators and held his own in a brief sparring session with Mae. Moreover, Qimir has hinted at a literal dark side to his personality that fans speculate could make him the Master character Mae is in service to. 

In a new interview with Sharp magazine, Manny Jacinto reveals that The Batman and Tenet star Robert Pattison was a major fashion influence on Qimir's wardrobe. It started with The Acolyte showrunner Lesley Headland texting Manny with a now-iconic photo of Pattinson in a Dior coat, 2019 fashion show: 

"So this is so funny, because Leslye texted me a photo of Robert Pattinson at a red carpet and was described as a local potion maker on Twitter.... Maybe Robert Pattinson unknowingly became the spokesperson for Qimir's wardrobe. That was his style. I think kind of just comfortable but also that minimal dirty vibe."

(Photo: Lucasfilm/Warner Bros. Pictures)

It's an interesting source of inspiration for Headland to be drawing from; Qimir's look isn't in line with many of the Smuggler characters or fashions we see in Star Wars. If anything, Qimir's fashion sense is more in line with that of Jedi; a detail that may be important to note, as there are popular theories that this entire "Qimir" persona is a red herring, and the character is actually a powerful Force user hiding in plain sight – most likely the dark side "Master" that Mae has been serving all along. If so, then that first photo Headland sent to Jacinto spoke volumes. 

Star Wars: The Acolyte is now streaming on Disney+.