Star Wars' Carrie Fisher Says She Would've Laughed About An Affair With Mark Hamill

Earlier this month, fans all over the world were stunned to learn that Carrie Fisher had an affair [...]

Earlier this month, fans all over the world were stunned to learn that Carrie Fisher had an affair with Harrison Ford while filming the original trilogy. The actress finally spilled the secret before her novel The Princess Diarist hits shelves, and fans were eager to hear about the torrid romance. Over the past weeks, Fisher has been opening up about how nerve-wracking the revelation was, and now she's even commented on whether she wished the affair had been with another one of her co-stars.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Fisher was asked if any part of her wished the affair had been with Mark Hamill instead of Ford. The actress answered with a resounding, "No!"

"NO! No. But I suppose I would have been able to laugh about it with him," she said. "That's not something I can do with Harrison, though "lawyer" was pretty funny. At least it acknowledged that it existed."

When Fisher revealed she had an affair with Ford, then actress told fans how the actor reacted to her upcoming expose. Ford apparently told Fisher one word in response, "Lawyer." While the actor was only joking, Fisher has said she felt really bad about revealing the secret romance because of how private Ford is.

In her most recent interview, Fisher shed new light on how she approach Ford about outing their affair. She recalled, "I told him I found the diaries, which I had not seen since I'd written them and that I was gonna publish them. He just said, "Lawyer." I told him he could take out anything he didn't like. I sent it to him, but he never commented. I guess he didn't loathe anything. I know the whole thing embarrasses him. That's what it's for, to embarrass all of us again."

As for whether she feels relieved to have the secret off her chest, Fisher says the revelation did no such thing. " It's just some big overgrown cat out a bag that could have stayed closed, I suppose," she said. "But people have been speculating about it, though it was not something we ever discussed. It was just this elephant in the room. And to this day I feel nervous around him."

If there has been one thing that's surprised Fisher about the announcement, it has been how the fans have reacted. The actress told the TODAY Show she was taken back by how fervently fans responded to the release.

(Photo: Lucasfilm )

"I am surprised at the reaction," Fisher said. "I don't think it's that surprising…A lot of the fans did think about it for awhile. They made up Carrison as a word."

With this kind of fan response following Fisher around, it may be for the best that her affair didn't target Hamill. Just think of their couple names: Fishmill? Hamsher? There's just something about Carrison which rolls off the tongue.

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