Star Wars Reveals The First Major Jedi Death of The High Republic

Star Wars: The High Republic has revealed the first major death of a Jedi character, and it's one that will send big ripples through the new unfolding line of Star Wars stories. The High Republic is set 200 years before the events of Star Wars' Skywalker Saga, in an era where the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic were both flourishing. However, just because the Jedi Order defeated the Sith and established order and peace throughout the Republic, it doesn't mean the galaxy doesn't have deadly new threats to offer. The first Star Wars: The High Republic novel, Light of the Jedi reveals tragedy for one Jedi Master - and Marvel's Star Wars: The High Republic comic series reveals it, as well.

WARNING: Star Wars: The High Republic SPOILERS Follow!

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The first major Jedi character to die is none other than Jedi Council Master Jora Malli, a Togruta female (same species as Ahsoka Tano). Jora was appointed as the commander of the Jedi's portion of the new Starlight Beacon station in the Outer Rim Territories, which is the centerpiece of The High Republic's first wave of interconnected stories.

During Light of the Jedi, the Jedi are preparing for the Starlight Beacon's big opening, when the proceedings are interrupted by an event in hyperspace called the "The Great Disaster," which causes a major spaceship crashes and emergency detours across the busy lanes of hyperspace travel. The Jedi on or around Starlight Beacon (Avar Kriss, Jora Malli, and her second-in-command Sskeer) start to mount rescue operations, only to find a new enemy of space pirates called the Nihil in their path. A squad of Jedi including Jora Malli hope into their Vector cruisers to engage the enemy - but the Nihil has a deadly surprise for the Jedi.

The Nihils' "Path Engine" is a device that allows the Nihil ships to travel incredibly short distances through hyperspace, appearing out of seeming thin air to raid and attack, before disappearing again. The fleet of Jedi Vectors never sees it coming before the Nihil feet is literally warping into their path. One of those warps causes Jora Malli's Vector to be breached, and the Jedi Master is killed in battle.


It might be true that there are a lot of Jedi in The High Republic series, but Jora Malli's death is already causing some big ripples. The High Republic comic book sees how Malli's close friend, Jedi Master Sskeer, may be coming undone by his friend's shocking death. The upcoming High Republic novel Into The Dark has Malli's padawan, Reath Silas, as its main character, with her former padawan Dez Rydan as a supporting character. Since these High Republic stories are happening at the same time, no doubt Malli's death will be a pivotal turning point for her students.

Star Wars: The High Republic has its first wave of novels and comics now on sale.