The Mandalorian: Here’s What Sebastian Stan Could Could Look Like as Luke Skywalker

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, "Chapter 13: The Jedi," dropped on Disney+ yesterday and was a huge one for fans. Not only did we learn Baby Yoda's real name, but the long-awaited live-action debut of Ahsoka Tano saw Rosario Dawson stepping into the role. Ahsoka's presence on the series has many fans wondering if it will lead to an appearace by Luke Skywalker. During the episode, Ahsoka tells Mando to take Baby Yoda to "the ancient ruins of a temple that has a strong connection to the Force." By placing him "on the seeing stone at the top of the mountain," "there's a chance a Jedi may sense his presence and come searching for him." She also added, "Then again, there aren't many Jedi left." One of the few Jedis who were living at that time was Luke, which is making fans speculate about a potential appearance. In fact, BossLogic already has a casting idea: Sebastian Stan.

“Skywalker @themandalorian @imsebastianstan #TheMandalorian,” BossLogic wrote on Instagram. You can check out their poster, which features Stan as Skywalker, below:

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This is not the first time people have suggested Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, should play a young Luke. People have often said he resembles the original Star Wars star, Mark Hamill.

"I just want to say here that anytime anyone would like to call me and ask me about Luke Skywalker I'd be very happy [to play him]," Stan shared back in 2017. Hamill actually lent his support for Stan while appearing on Good Morning America to promote the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

"He's a wonderful actor," Hamill said. "People say, 'Will you support him to be the young Luke Skywalker when they make those movies?' And I thought, he doesn't need me. He's an accomplished enough actor to get it on his own. And I shouldn't put my thumb on the scale because it's not my choice. It's Disney and Lucasfilm, and I don't want to cut short any other potential Lukes… But I'd love to work with him. Heck, I'd play his father any day."


While it would certainly be odd to see someone other than Hamill play Luke, Stan would be the ideal candidate considering their resemblance. Are you hoping to see Luke Skywalker show up on The Mandalorian? Would you like to see Stan play Luke? If not, who? Tell us in the comments!

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