'Golden Girls' Cereal Is Selling Out, Commanding Top Dollar On eBay

Golden Girls fans quickly ran out to grab Funko's new POP inspired cereal boxes, and they've quickly become increasingly harder to find.

Target has been releasing Funko inspired cereal boxes over the past few months, and one of their most recent projects featured the four adorable ladies from the Golden Girls. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sofia are all on the box of all blue cereal, and fans who get ahold of one will also get the tiny Rose POP that comes with the box. The box is a Target exclusive, and now fans are trying their best to find them locally unless they want to pay a more hefty sum online.

Funko has seen a big rise in fans reaching out to their customer service trying to locate one, and the Twitter account has especially been flooded (via Yahoo). Funko has tried to respond to as many as they can, and one such example stated " Thank you for contacting us. We have checked the Target stores in your area, and they are sold out. The Funko’s Golden Girls cereal was a limited time offer and further inventory won’t be available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Have a good evening!”

Funko told Today that there are also no plans "as of now" to make more, so if you really want one you might have to resort to eBay. The box retails at Target for $7.99, but on eBay prices range from $10 (via beginning auction) to $100 dollars. You can also make sure to ask people in the store if they have any in backstock, as there is always the chance.

The line has been quite successful for Funko, which includes other franchises like Elf, Batgirl, IT, and Beetlejuice.

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“As the market leader in licensed pop culture products and speed to market capabilities, we are in a truly unique position to surprise and delight our passionate fan base,” said Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko. “We are thrilled to bring our stylized designs and inventive products to the cereal aisle this year and bring the fun back to breakfast. Given our diversity of licenses, this launch is another example of how we are able to drive fan engagement and consumer demand for our brand in creative and distinctively Funko ways.”

Funko has also released a line of Golden Girls POPs from the show, featuring all four of the main characters, and yes, I have them all. Your welcome for being a friend.