'Game of Thrones' Kills Off [SPOILER] in Bittersweet Ending

A pair of star-crossed lovers met their inevitable end, as two characters died in each other's arms at the end of tonight's episode of Game of Thrones. Cersei Lannister was trapped inside the Red Keep where she had lived for the course of the entire show, watching as Daenerys Targaryen burned down King's Landing with her one remaining dragon in impressive fashion. With her armies defeated and her grasp on the Iron Throne coming to an end, it seemed all was lost until her brother Jaime appeared, seemingly to rescue her. However, Jaime was mortally wounded, courtesy of a fight with Cersei's current lover Euron Greyjoy, and the pair were trapped in the crypts of the Red Keep with their escape route blocked off by rubble. The two held each other as the Red Keep collapsed around them.

Cersei and Jaime were initially presented as the main villains in Game of Thrones, as Jaime pushed Bran Stark out of a tower after Bran discovered that Jaime and Cersei were having an illicit, incestuous affair. All three of Cersei's children belonged to Jaime instead of her husband Robert Baratheon, and Cersei's ruthless actions were initially to protect her children in case anyone learned the truth. However, both Cersei and Jaime went through immense tribulations over the course of the show, with Jaime broken and maimed after being captured by Stark forces at the end of Season 1 and Cersei losing all three of her children due to the machinations of various rivals. When her youngest son Tommen committed suicide after watching the destruction of Baelor's Sept (and watching his wife and political allies die in the process), Cersei finally seized power for herself and became ruler of the Iron Throne.

While Cersei balked on her promise to aid Jon Snow in his fight against the Night's King, Jaime Lannister rode to Winterfell, setting up a potential redemption arc. He aided in the defense of Winterfell and had a brief relationship with Brienne of Tarth. However, after he heard that Cersei had killed one of Dany's dragons, he abandoned Brienne to return to King's Landing, knowing that Dany would not let Cersei live after her repeated betrayals and attacks. Jaime rode straight into the hands of Dany's armies, but was freed by his brother Tyrion. And while he made it to King's Landing, he suffered a mortal wound fighting Euron Greyjoy, thus setting up his final fall from grace.

With just one episode left, Cersei and Jaime have officially been pulled off the board, leaving Game of Thrones without its main antagonists. I guess that means that the remaining characters will have their happy endings, because that is definitely a thing that Game of Thrones is known for.



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