Adult Swim Cancels Three Busy Debras After Two Seasons

An adult swim live-action favorite isn't coming back for Season 3. The network announced that Three Busy Debras would be bowing out after Season 2. The wild show was created by Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha. It followed three ladies named Debra who got into wild hijinks in the sleepy town of Lemoncurd. Praised for its offbeat humor and  surreal takes on genre episodes, the series ran for two years. All of Three Busy Debras is available to stream on HBO Max and the adult swim app. On Twitter, Honig, Stonoha, and Jouhari thanked the fans for an incredible ride. (They also included some fun nods to the continuity of the series and asked fans to toast to the show with a traditional milk with lemon wedge.) Check out the message down below!

"Hi everyone. We are so sad to share with you that there will not be a third season of Three Busy Debras on Adult Swim," they explained. "We are so proud and lucky to have gotten to make two seasons of our documentary series. When we started this over seven years ago we could have never imagined getting to make two seasons of a show with some of the most talented, kind, funny people we have ever met. It is impossible to overstate how lucky we feel. Thank you for watching Three Busy Debras. Please drink a glass of milk with a lemon garnish in our memory (we are being shot into space tomorrow morning). -Debra, Debra, & Debra"

In an interview with Thrillist, the three stars talked about their inspirations for the series. It might surprise you to find out that they all drew from SpongeBob SquarePants for a lot of the comedy.

"[In general], I feel like SpongeBob SquarePants is a big inspiration for me," Stonoha explained. "I feel like the storytelling is very close to what we do on Debras and it has a really good mix of random and also sticking to a singular plot for the quarter-hour episodes. Sometimes older cartoons are just a series of gags, but episodes of SpongeBob—particularly, you know, Seasons 1 to 3, which some people say are the best—have a really good handle on [its characters and storyline]."

"Characters disappear, then they don't. Characters are injured, and the next episode they're fine. Characters are bloody, and the next shot, they're not anymore—that kind of stuff where it doesn't really matter," Jouhari elaborated. "There's a real logic and language that the three of us share, and there are rules of the world that the three of us really understand. After doing it for two seasons, our writers and crew also really understand." 

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