Agents of SHIELD: New Behind-the-Scenes Video Showcases Elizabeth Henstridge’s Directorial Debut

The latest episode of Agents of SHIELD was an epic time loop adventure that featured a lovely first kiss and a tragic death. "As I Have Always Been" was also extra important to fans of the series, because it was directed by Elizabeth Henstridge, who is best known for playing Jemma Simmons. Recently, had the chance to chat with Henstridge about her directorial debut, and she opened up about directing herself and her peers and revealed how she prepared for the job. Recently, Marvel released a wonderful behind-the-scenes video that shows the Agents of SHIELD cast talking about the episode and praising Henstridge, who shares more thoughts on her big debut.

"Elizabeth Henstridge (@Lil_Henstridge) takes the director's chair! 🎬 Go behind the scenes on her directorial debut for the latest episode of Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD," @AgentsOfSHIELD tweeted. "I'm very grateful for this opportunity but I've also earned it, and so I'm going to stand in my own power, and I'm gonna do it," Henstridge says in the video. You can watch the full clip below:

Recently, also had a chat with Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) and he praised Henstridge's work on the show and revealed "As I Have Always Been" is one of his favorite episodes.

"When you act and are directed, at some point, everyone goes, 'I think I could direct.' And it's a joke, right? And it's certainly something that I have done," Gregg explained. "But from the moment I saw Elizabeth hanging around the monitors on a day when she wasn't working, I went, 'Oh, she's gonna be amazing.' And I've never seen anybody so cheerfully be the first to get there and the last to leave when she's just trailing, shadowing a director and learning, and she did it both episodes I directed for several seasons and so when you see this episode and what she did, and in my money, in my money, in my view, it's right up there with our best."


We're also excited for next week's Agents of SHIELD, "Stolen," which is set to feature Bill Paxton's son, James Paxton. Considering the team is back in the '80s, we're willing to bet James is playing the younger version of his father's character, John Garrett.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.