American Horror Stories Teaser Released

The first teaser for the upcoming American Horror Story spinoff, the similarly titled American Horror Stories, is here. The short teaser aired during Sunday night's Golden Globes broadcast, but rather than offer fans footage for the upcoming series, the teaser includes clips from previous seasons of American Horror Story. Considering that the first poster for the series -- which was released back in November -- revealed a similar aesthetic to American Horror Story, it's a pretty safe bet that when we get to actual footage from the spinoff it will look very similar as well.

American Horror Stories was first announced last year and will feature one-hour, contained episodes that focus on various myths and legends. The series will also see American Horror Story favorite Sarah Paulson direct one of the episodes of the spinoff.

"The state of the world and California aren't having their finest moments in dealing with this virus," Paulson said last year of both American Horror Stories and American Crime Story: Impeachment. "Both productions will be shooting in Los Angeles. We were less than two weeks from starting Impeachment. I heard rumors of October, then 2021. A lot of rumors, no facts."

"We couldn't be more excited about our roster of new and returning shows slated through next year," Eric Schrier, President, FX Entertainment said when the series was ordered. "It has been an extraordinary time for FX over these past three months with the launch of FX on Hulu, which has transformed our business. We believe the continued strength of our original series coupled with the growing awareness of FX on Hulu as our streaming platform will make the FX brand stronger and more relevant and accessible than ever before."

As for American Horror Story proper, the tenth season of the FX series will be quite a bit different from previous installments, according to series star Finn Wittrock.

"I think it's okay to say, I think the suspense in this and the tight, constrained nature of the story is different than other seasons," Wittrock recently told Entertainment Weekly. "I was really interested in trying to mount the pressure in the right way if that makes sense."

He added, "It is a different tone than a lot of the other seasons."


American Horror Stories does not yet have a confirmed release date, though when it does debut, it is set to air exclusively on FX on Hulu.