Artificial’s Dante Basco on Finding A Catchphrase For Twitch Series

Dante Basco has a lot of help from fans in deciding his catchphrase for the latest season of Artificial. The Twitch show focuses on Artificial Intelligence and he plays a childhood friend of the charismatic main character, Sebastian (Stephen Chang). Their first meeting in the last episode of Season 3 brought the fireworks as they bantered back and forth. However, there’s a special catchphrase that Artificial fans were dying to hear. He sat down with to talk about how fans have really shaped his approach to playing Zander. They got their chance when Basco dropped that “wink, wink,” in there to the delight of the live chat. That’s the amazing thing about the Emmy-Award-winning Twitch program, the fans help guide the narrative and Basco knows that giving the people what they want goes a long way.

CB: So I peeped what you guys are doing over with Artificial, and it seems really, really dope. It's always kind of wild when you let the chat decide how anything is going to go in the narrative. I wanted to ask you with Zander, the fans in the chat seemed to really want you to have "wink, wink" as the catchphrase?

“Yeah. I'll tell you, The ‘wink, wink’ gang came and visited the other stream I did the other day just to further reiterate how much they want the wink involved,” Basco laughed. “So who knows? It's a live-action situation, I may throw a wink in there somewhere.”

CB: Right on, right on. So they went over to House of Honor streams?

“Yeah, the "wink, wink" game showed up in my IG Live Stream on Monday, where I do a cinema classics movie club where we talk about a new film every week,” he elaborated. “We watch it every week, And the "wink, wink" game showed up in the IG Live Chat, which is cool.”

Check out Dante Basco in Artificial on Twitch, a live audience-interactive scripted sci-fi series following an A.I. being on a journey to become human. It airs every Thurs. at 5pm PT / 8pm ET on Twitch. (Check out the show page here.)

Here’s how they describe the show:


“This is NOT a choose-your-own-adventure. It is not an individual experience – it is an experience shared by the audience as a collective. Everyone watching shares the story and has the opportunity to profoundly influence it by asking questions and voting on polls. Since the audience can chat live with each other on Twitch, this also means they share the experience with each other. The audience is a community.”

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