Bluey Season 3 Is Missing an Episode About Farting on Disney+

The (first half of the) third season of Bluey is now streaming on Disney+, making it available all in one place for the first time in the U.S. There's a catch, though; one episode is not present, having been deemed not quite kid-friendly enough for Disney's liking. Why's that? Well, it centers on farting. Because the offending aspect is key to the episode's story, there's really no way to edit around it, and Disney apparently opted not to import the episode from Bluey's native Australia rather than face the ire of angry parents. The release comes on the heels of Deadpool and Logan becoming the first R-rated films on the platform, and even though those are restricted only to adult profiles on the app, some parent groups were incensed anyway.

This is not the first episode of Bluey to be removed from circulation. In 2020, fans learned that the episodes "Flat Pack" and "Teasing" had both been pulled from the on-air rotation, due to Bandit's use of the phrase "ooga booga," which has racist connotations for indigenous Australians. In addition, the season 2 episode "Dad Baby" has never aired on Disney networks or made its way to Disney+, due to Disney taking issue with its discussion of childbirth.

In the case of "Flat Pack" and "Teasing," it seems nobody was accusing Bluey of being intentionally racist (more like oblivious), but after some complaints about the phrase popping up, "Flat Pack" was re-dubbed to remove the offending line, while "Teasing" was pulled entirely for a time. The writers' intent was for Bandit to be speaking nonsense (a trait common to the character), and so when the oversight was called to their attention, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Ludo Studio re-recorded it, replacing "ooga booga" with "shooby doo-wa." This got the episode back on the air, but Disney still never brought it to the U.S. You can get the episode by buying the first season of Bluey on DVD.

Here's how What's On Disney+? describes "Family Meeting," the season 3 episode that's missing from the list:

"After Bandit is accusing of passing wind in Bluey's face, "Your Honor" Chilli calls a family meeting where he is put on trial. There is discussion of his meal (sauerkraut) prior to his alleged "fluffy" as the judge hears both sides." 

Apparently, fans of the series may see this one as a key to the lore, because at one point, Chilli refers to Bluey as "Bluey Christine Heeler," revealing her middle name to the audience for the first time.

You can find (most of) Bluey on Disney+.