America's Funniest Home Video Will Have Weekly Tributes to Bob Saget

America's Funniest Home Videos is going to pay tribute to Bob Saget with special segments all year long. After the comedian's death, the show will be playing throwback segments during this season of the show to introduce a new generation to the beloved host. Executive producer Vin Di Bona talked to Variety about this decision and how much Saget's work meant to the show. Back in the early 1990s, AFV rode the ABC TGIF boom to wild heights. All of this was anchored by the comedian's trademark relatability and some excellent content from people around the country. Di Bona says that it only made sense to showcase the clips from 1989 to 1997. There's a literal treasure trove of moments to choose from when it comes to Saget's impact. Check out what the producer had to say about his work down below.

"I'd forgotten how whimsical and crazy his host bits were — very physical and very visual," Di Bona explained. "In one show he walks on stage in front of the audience and says 'Did I tell you it's my birthday?' And the audience all raises their hands with wrapped gifts for him. It's that kind of gentle crazy humor that I want younger generations to see from him."

"Bob was most proud of his voiceover work," Di Bona noted when comparing him to his successors. "We spend endless hours in voiceover sessions perfecting how Bob would do that. Oftentimes he would be three to four characters in a clip. That meant tracking three to four channels of voiceover to mix together. It was hysterical and it was exhausting. And in the end, it was funny."

"As the rabbi said at the opening of Bob's (memorial) ceremony, 'He could be a handful, and he was delightful, and he was a wonderful human being," the producer added.

Current AFV host Alfonso Ribiero had a few words before the show's initial tribute to Saget on the first show after his passing.

"By now, pretty much the world has heard of Bob Saget's passing Sunday morning," the description on YouTube read. "Bob was the backbone of a TV show that has gone onto entertain not only America, but the world. Bob made us smile, he made us laugh out loud and, often times, he would make us giggle. A comedy legend. A kind soul. Our dear friend. We will miss you, Bob."

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