Community Star Yvette Nicole Brown Reveals What She Thinks Shirley Is Doing in 2021

Disney+'s new series, Big Shot, premieres tomorrow and features an exciting line-up, including Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown is known for an array of roles, but she is probably recognized the most as Community's Shirley Bennett. In honor of Big Shot's premiere, had the chance to talk to Brown about the new show as well as Avengers: Endgame. Of course, we also had to bring up Community and its long-rumored movie. In honor of everyone's hopes that the sitcom's cast will eventually return to make a film, we asked Brown what she thinks Shirley would be doing in 2021.

"Shirley is definitely praying. She's been praying a lot," Brown shared. "I think she hunkered down and maybe did like a home-baked goods thing. Like she created her own little, come and get a plate, I'ma leave it outside in a box, and you put the $2 in the mailbox. You know, I feel like she's trying to find a way to make things better for people somehow. But she's definitely, she's a person of faith, so she's somewhere praying. And I think she's got a good group chat with everybody, and she's not meeting anybody 'cause she believes that the virus is real. But I think she's in the group chat mixing it up with everybody."

Last summer, the Community cast was one of many who did a table read together of an old episode. Once they were done recording, they all stuck around to do an episode of Joel McHale and Ken Jeong's "Darkest Timeline" podcast. There were a lot of fun moments in the recording, including Donald Glover finding out he's not a part of the cast's group chat. Since there's been a huge resurgence in the Community fandom ever since the show was put on Netflix, there's been more talk of the long-awaited movie. In fact, creator Dan Harmon recently teased that it could finally be happening. The cast has said time and time again that they're all interested, but it's a matter of scheduling.

Stay tuned for more from our interviews with the Big Shot cast! You can watch our chat with Yvette Nicole Brown at the top of the page. You can also watch our chats with Monique Green, Sophia Mitri Schloss, and Nell Verlaque here, Jessalyn Gilsig here, and another with Cricket Wampler, Tiana Le, and Tisha Custodio here.


Big Shot premieres on Disney+ on April 16th.