How Stargirl Will Stand Out from Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow's JSA

When DC's Stargirl debuts next week on both DC Universe and The CW, it will mark the third time that the series' titular heroine -- played by Brec Bassinger in the upcoming series -- has gotten the live-action treatment. Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl has also previously appeared on both Smallville (played by Britt Irvin) and on The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Played by Sarah Grey) as adult heroes. This time around, however, fans will see the heroine as a teen, something much closer to creator Geoff Johns', a move that will let viewers sort of grow into things as Courtney grows into her super heroic role.

Johns explained to Entertainment Weekly that the character's enthusiasm is "front and center" in the new series and that viewers will learn the heroic ropes right along with her.

"She is learning this and we're learning it with her," Johns said. "I think the exuberance and enthusiasm and positive energy that Stargirl embodies is really front and center in [this version] of Courtney. Brec Bassinger, who embodies that on screen and off screen, has really brought that to the forefront."

Johns went on to explain that the positivity of the show wasn't the only aspect of the series that would differ from previous live-action versions. He also noted the family-friendly nature of the show, something he said is comparable to The Flash in that it is for everyone.

"Because the show is about family, it should be for families, much like The Flash is," Johns said. "It's important for the character, too, because it's true to who Stargirl is. She's a fun, colorful character through the JSA stories [which] are inspirational and aspirational but still have real stakes. People get hurt and it's dangerous, and this isn't just a game, and the villains are villainous, but at the same time you still want to embody the tone of who the character is [and ensure that it] translates from the comics to the TV show."

The family-friendly nature of The Flash is something that Stargirl star Bassinger herself previously noted, explaining in a recent interview that her own family were regular viewers of The Flash, something that for her would make a crossover with the series "the coolest thing" should it ever happen.


"There have been talks of Stargirl getting to go on an episode of Flash, and having a bigger storyline, but it didn't happen this season," Bassinger said. "But I just think that would be the coolest thing. So much of my family has watched Flash for years."

Stargirl debuts Monday, May 18 on DC Universe. The series makes its network debut on The CW, Tuesday, May 19 at 8/7c.