Doom Patrol Adds Elijah Rashad Reed to Cast for Season 4

HBO Max's Doom Patrol has added Winning Time actor Elijah Rashad Reed to the Season 4 cast of the DC inspired series. According to Deadline, Reed will appear in a recurring role as Deric, a character described as a brilliant, community-minded robotics teacher who ends up pulled into the very different life his former best friend, Vic Stone (Joivan Wade). In addition to appearing on Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, Reed has also appeared in Colin in Black & White, This Is Us, Snowfall, and Grown-ish.

Reed's casting is the latest casting update for Doom Patrol which recently announced that Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy had also been added to the cast. Ramamurthy will also be appearing on a recurring basis as the villain Mr. 104, marking the second time the actor has played a live-action DC villain. The actor has also played Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork on The Flash in Season 6 of The CW series. While the character ended up in A.R.G.U.S. custody, the Earth-Prime tie-in comic book series established that at some point, Magog freed him from his cell and took him to 2049, making his current whereabouts unknown.

Will Doom Patrol Season 4 Have New Characters? 

In addition to Ramamurthy's Mr. 10r, last month, it was announced that Doom Patrol has added Twin Peaks alum, Madeline Zima, as Casey Brinke, the superhero known as Space Case. Casey was a key part of the Gerard Way/Nick Derington run of Doom Patrol, which means the new season could mirror some of the events of the "Young Animal" run, which began in 2016. In the comics, Casey is an in-universe comic book character who was brought to real life by Danny the Street by accident. 

"Casey is so beloved both by our writers on staff, and by fans of Doom Patrol in general," showrunner Jeremy Carver told EW, who debuted a first look at Casey in action. "We finally found a way to bring her into the story in a way that feels wholly organic to us, even though to someone who's never seen Doom Patrol, it might seem a little bats--- insane. To us, it fits perfectly! And it's not just a cameo."

When does Doom Patrol return for Season 4?

It was announced at New York Comic Con earlier this month that the fourth season of Doom Patrol is coming to HBO Max on December 8th.

"Hold on to your butts, a new season is coming! Season 4 Part 1 of #DoomPatrol premieres December 8 on HBO Max," HBO Max captioned the trailer on YouTube. Doom Patrol's fourth season will premiere with two episodes and a new episode will be released every week after that until January 5th. It was announced at NYCC that six more episodes from the new season will also be coming in 2023.