The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Photo Shows Off Sam and Bucky's New Costumes

Before you know it, the calendar will read 2021 and the debut of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier [...]

Before you know it, the calendar will read 2021 and the debut of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be an event finally within reach. Prior to its delay, the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-starring series was supposed to debut this August; now, it's set to hit in the middle of March 2021. Regardless, the Disney marketing machine will be in full swing before you know it. In fact, some can say it's already started thanks to the surplus of leaks that have surfaced online due to the release of various consumer products.

Tuesday afternoon, Disney also released its full 2021 slate of content, which confirmed the release date for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The e-mail blast did so by also releasing a still of the show's two titular characters in their full garb — including the new red, white, and blue suit donned by Mackie's Sam Wilson/Falcon. See it for yourself below.

falcon winter soldier new still
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Though Mackie and Stan both debuted in the Captain America franchise, they'll now have a franchise of their own to lead as the Marvel Studios shows on Disney+ will be intertwined with the theatrical releases the studio also releases.

"Over the course of the 23 films, we've pulled together a roster of amazing actors and talented filmmakers, and we're excited to continue to work with these individuals to tell new, long-form stories in ways that we've never done before," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said during an unveiling of the Disney+ streaming service. "These shows will be on the same level of quality that you've come to expect from Marvel Studios, and we'll be taking advantage of that creative freedom that Disney+ offers exploring the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with our favorite characters over multiple episodes."

"These will be both new and continuing stories, and one of the things we're most excited about is that these will be major storylines set in the MCU with ramifications that will be felt both through the other Disney+ series we're producing and our features on the big screen."

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuts on Disney+ March 19, 2021.

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