Fuller House Season 5 Wasn't Supposed to Be the End of the Series

Netflix recently finished the fifth and final season of Fuller House, the hit reunion series that [...]

Netflix recently finished the fifth and final season of Fuller House, the hit reunion series that put DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie under the same roof. It was a finale full of weddings, surprise announcements, and sweet moments, and thankfully it managed to keep everyone together by season's end. That said, some felt like it was a bit more open-ended than expected, and that is probably because season 5 wasn't originally intended to be the show's final season. Fuller House star Cameron Bure recently spoke to Insider about wrapping up the series, revealing that they had hoped for a sixth season to explore a few more aspects of the growing family.

"Well, the thought or the intent behind all of us was that it was going to go six seasons," Bure said. "And I mean, we were thrilled that we had five. I know there was some disappointment though that we didn't have the sixth season, but there are other network reasons, we aren't privy to that information, as to why they made that decision one season early."

A sixth season would have allowed for fans to see the household that now has three married couples living under the same roof, and Bure would have also hoped to see more of Stephanie's baby Dani featured in a sixth season.

"Well, I think there are still so many stories that could be told in the Fuller house, especially with all of them being married, and then [with them] still living under the same roof together. I think there's so much more, but the fact that we didn't highlight Dani, Stephanie's baby, very much in season five, to me that was a bit disappointing," Bure said. "We understand why they didn't, but that was something that I would have wanted to see in season six, her truly raising a baby. And then we find out she's pregnant again at the end. And I would have liked to have seen a lot more storylines with the kids and particularly the babies because I think that's something that was so special in "Full House" because you actually saw the stages and growth from an infant into a toddler."

Perhaps we will get a season six down the line or a reunion special, but even if we don't, at least Cameron and Andrea finally got New Kids on the Block to be a part of the Full House franchise thanks to Joey McIntyre officiating the wedding.

"I know. Oh, we thought it was so great," Bure said. "Well, I had a little hand in getting Joey McIntyre. I sat with our showrunners and we talked about who we wanted to officiate the wedding and we wanted a fun surprise guest. And I said, "Well, if you're going to ask me or Andrea, I know hands down, we'd love it to be Joey McIntyre." So they said, "Oh, we think that'd be hysterical." So I said, "Let me call him." And I just called Joey, and I said, "Do you want to be a part of this? Do you want to be in our series finale?" And he was like, "I would never pass up the opportunity. I'll be there." And it was as easy as that. So we got our first choice. And he was super funny. I loved it. And so they did build that up with the show beforehand to build him up being the minister and the tension with Fernando. That was like the little, it infused the comedy in that portion of the wedding, because we didn't want any big stunts during the wedding."

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