Good Omens: Neil Gaiman Threatens to Not Release Season 2

It's been almost a year since Amazon announced that it planned to make a second season of Good Omens and back in March, Neil Gaiman shared that production on the eagerly anticipated second season of the series had wrapped. But fans are still very eager for the series to return and with a release date not yet announced, some fans have taken to asking Gaiman on social media for updates. Now, the author who not only co-wrote the novel of the same name with Terry Pratchett but writes the live action adaptation as well, has quite the comeback, joking that if people keep asking, they may not release it all.

"No," Gaiman wrote in response to one fan on Twitter who noted the number of Marvel films that have been released since the first season of Good Omens arrived in 2019. "And if you ask again like that we may not release it at all."

Gaiman later followed up confirming that his reply to the fan was indeed a joke, but also reminded everyone that there was a lot still to do in preparing the second season for air.

"I thought it was funny, and hoped my reply was funny. WE WILL RELEASE GOOD OMENS 2, WHEN IT IS DONE," he wrote. "We only stopped shooting in March. There is much to be done."

The second season of Good Omens is expected to follow Crowley (Tennant) and Aziraphale (Sheen) living amongst the humans in London's Soho. According to Amazon, things begin to get apocalyptic once again "when an unexpected messenger presents a surprising mystery." In addition to Tennant and Sheen, the show also features the return of Jon Hamm as Archangel Gabriel. 

"Good Omens 2 just would not be the same without the astonishing Jon Hamm as Gabriel, everyone's worst boss," Gaiman said in a statement last year. "The story that Terry Pratchett and I created all those years ago continues to take us from London's Soho into Heaven and Hell. It's a delight for me to bring back characters we loved (or hated) and bring in new characters, from the shiniest top floors of Heaven to the dankest basements of Hell, to love (or to hate, or to love to hate or hate to love). All of them are part of the strange and unusually beloved family of Good Omens."

Other returning cast members will include Doon Mackichan as Angel Michael and Gloria Obianyo as Uriel. They will be joined by new angels played by Liz Carr (Saraqael) and Quelin Sepulveda (Muriel). Bridgerton's Shelley Connhas has also been cast as a "key character from Hell."

Good Omens 2 does not yet have a release date.