Hulu Cancels Fan-Favorite Reboot After One Season

Reboot won't be getting a second chance at Hulu: the streamer has canceled the meta-comedy series after a single eight-episode season. But the show-within-a-show — about the dysfunctional cast of an early 2000s sitcom who must face their unresolved issues when they reunite for a modern-era reboot on Hulu — could see a second season on another platform. According to Deadline, series creator Steve Levitan (Modern Family) and Disney's 20th Television are looking to shop the Hulu original elsewhere. The outlet reports another streamer has already requested to read scripts from the planned season 2.

Reboot featured a cast that included Keegan-Michael Key and Judy Greer as exes and "Step Right Up" co-stars Reed and Bree, Johnny Knoxville as the sobriety-challenged Clay, Calum Worthy as child actor-turned-manchild Zack, and Krista Marie Yu as green Hulu executive Elaine. At the center of the show was the strained relationship between the father-daughter showrunner duo Hannah and Gordon, played by Rachel Bloom and Paul Reiser, as they're forced to work together on the rebooted "Step Right Up."

After the season 1 finale, which ended with Gordon's resignation and "Step Right Up" in behind-the-scenes turmoil, Levitan said the writers' room had "started talking about" storylines for a potential second season. 

"There were a lot of balls in the air during the finale, and the first thing to do is to make sure that those all land in a compelling and entertaining way," Levitan told EW in October. "But it's amazing how quickly the world expanded, there's a lot to explore. I think in season 2 we will get into the premiere of the show [the Step Right Up reboot] and all that goes into that."

Levitan continued: "As somebody who just went through a premiere, there's fresh stuff for me to delve into about what it's like in this day and age to launch a show when the whole world can comment on it. It's a pretty fascinating time. That's one of the things we'll talk about."

All eight episodes of Reboot are now streaming on Hulu.