Killing Eve Season 4 Filming Postponed

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UPDATE: AMC has confirmed that they are developing a number of strategies in hopes of moving forward with the production and that Killing Eve has not been delayed "indefinitely." Original story continues below.

While the United States is struggling with the coronavirus and preventing a number of movie and TV productions from moving forward, a number of other worldwide productions are also seeing setbacks, with Killing Eve's fourth season having been postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic, per Deadline. Fans of the series know that a majority of the narrative unfolds across a number of European countries, but while that continent is starting to recover from the coronavirus, what is causing complications is just how sprawling the narrative is and the inherent challenges of moving its cast and crew to so many different countries for the new season.

Much like previous seasons, production was set to launch in August for a spring premiere, but the shoot has been delayed indefinitely, though Sid Gentle Films hopes it can start before the end of the year. Given that the series has previously visited Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest, and Tuscany, the new season is expected to continue its trend of expansive adventures, even if details about the season have yet to be revealed.

In addition to largely being shot in European regions, the series also largely features European performers, but with the American Sandra Oh being one of the stars, this causes an additional complication to the endeavor, as Americans have been restricted from European travel more severely.

Killing Eve shoots across multiple European locations," a spokesperson for the show revealed. "Due to the uncertainty of the world as a result of COVID-19, no shooting schedules for Killing Eve season four have been locked in at this point and there are various scenarios in play.”

The first season of the series concluded with Oh's Eve stabbing Jodie Comer's Villanelle, seemingly leaving her for dead. In the second season finale, the tables were turned and it was Villanelle leaving Eve for dead. The third season, however, concluded with the pair cutting things off from each other on as best terms as possible for two people who had attempted to kill one another, offering some sense of resolution to audiences.

Showrunner Sally Woodward Gentle previously teased what excites her most about each new season.

“I will say what excites me about the show is that you should, every season, be able to do something that feels bold and different from the one before and you can explore big ideas,” Gentle confessed to The Hollywood Reporter. “Plus the fact that you can kill so many people means there's always space to bring in brilliant new people, so you should constantly be surprised by who might end up dead!”


Stay tuned for details on Season Four of Killing Eve.

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