King of the Hill Creators Have an Idea for a Reboot If Disney Wants It (Exclusive)

After the series finale of King of the Hill aired May 6, 2010, the adult animated series become [...]

After the series finale of King of the Hill aired May 6, 2010, the adult animated series become nothing short of a syndicated phenomenon. Between Hank Hill's every-man demeanor and the surplus of memes Bobby Hill has provided us, the series itself will forever be engrained in pop culture history. It was such a big hit at one point, series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels had even come up with an all-new idea in an attempt to reboot the series at Fox shortly after it ended. Unfortunately for Judge and Daniels, the network didn't share the same idea. We recently spoke with Daniels, who revealed he and Judge were both on board with bringing the program back and that it was Fox that decided not to move any further.

"Well, Mike and I got together a couple of years ago, and came up with a reboot for King of the Hill," Daniels tells us. "At the time, I think that Fox didn't want to go ahead with this, at the level that it probably deserved. We thought that they would be excited to just order it."

News previously circulated in 2017 that Fox was potentially interested in reviving the series. Now, three years later, could the sentiment remain the same? Daniels suggests that the window has closed — at least for now. Luckily for those hoping to see new episodes of the series, the Emmy-winning screenwriter didn't completely rule out plans for a return sometime in the future.

"At the moment, there is no plan for it," Daniels adds. "The studio was sold to Disney now, I guess, so it would be a Disney show, I think, in the future. But we do have a plan for it and it's pretty funny. So maybe one day."

After we suggested his framing of the answer meant there was a chance for a Hill revival, Daniels spent some time reminiscing about the show, doubling down on the fun opportunities a reboot would allow.

"I mean, that was a wonderful show to work on," he says. "Yeah, that would be a super fun reboot. I feel like that is easier to reboot because you can get all the characters and they all look the same."

Daniels concludes, "It would be something that you could decide what happens to them, and you wouldn't have to be going, 'Oh well, that guy's not available.' I mean, they're all available because they're cartoon characters."

King of the Hill is now streaming on Hulu.