Lucifer Finally Officially Releases Tom Ellis's Soundtrack Songs

More than a year after Lucifer star Tom Ellis told fans at a convention panel that he might release the music he plays as Lucifer Morningstar if Warner Bros. never got their act together to make a soundtrack, the studio has done just that, releasing a digital soundtrack for the show's first five seasons that features exclusively the music performed by Ellis and his co-stars Lauren German and Lesley Ann-Brandt. The soundtrack, which fans have been begging for since the first time Ellis's Lucifer put his hands on a piano, hits the digital airwaves today at the same time WaterTower Music (Warner's label) is releasing the score for the first season of Stargirl.

Warner Bros. TV has soundtracks for several of their comic book shows, most notably the first (and most musically-driven) season of Riverdale, but several of them are released through specialty retailers in short runs rather than getting any kind of mainstream release. Some shows, like DC's Legends of Tomorrow, have certain seasons released on CD and others not.

"Getting to record amazing songs with a fantastically talented cast is a rare experience," Lucifer composers Jeff Russo and Ben Decter said in a statement. "And creating this Lucifer soundtrack album was a treat. If only every cast were as fun! We feel lucky."

"The music of Lucifer has been one of the main reasons I have loved playing this role," Ellis said. "It rekindles my passion for singing, which ironically started in church when I was a child. Funny old world, isn’t it?"

You can see the official write-up for the album below.

Lucifer: Seasons 1-5 (Original Television Soundtrack) features 13 songs from the first five seasons of the devilish drama, featuring performances by series stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Lesley Ann-Brandt, as well as guest star Lindsey Gort and performer Skye Townsend. Recently renewed for a sixth and final season, Lucifer’s fifth season premieres Friday, August 21, on Netflix.


The original plan was for the show's fifth season to be its last, but recently those plans changed, with Netflix adding a sixth-and-really-the-last-this-time-Scout's-honor season to the series' remarkable run, which began on FOX, where it ran for three seasons before being cancelled, then saved at the last moment by Netflix. While Lucifer may wind down soon, fans have hoped that they might see Ellis play the character again -- either in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event established that he and John Constantine have a relationship worth exploring, or in Netflix's upcoming adaptation of The Sandman, where Lucifer first appeared in the comics.

Lucifer: Seasons 1-5 (Original Television Soundtrack) and DC’s Stargirl: Season 1 (Original Television Score) will be available on August 21, 2020, from WaterTower Music.