Marvel's Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke Reveals Why He Joined Disney+ Series

Filming is about to begin on Moon Knight, bringing this fan-favorite comic character to life in [...]

Filming is about to begin on Moon Knight, bringing this fan-favorite comic character to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a brand new Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. After Hawke's comments about superhero films made it seem like he was not keen on the concept, fans were surprised to hear that Hawke had signed on to join the project as the latest Marvel Studios villain. But Hawke finally broke his silence about Moon Knight and revealed why he was willing to sign on, and it turns out that the chance to work with Isaac played a key part in his decision.

Hawke recently appeared on The Ringer's podcast The Watch where he talked about his participation in the Marvel series. When asked why he finally decided to join a superhero show with Moon Knight, he explained his reasoning for signing on.

"Well, it's where I'm at as an actor," said Hawke. "A lot of it, to be honest, I love the fact that Moon Knight is a lesser-known story and allows more creative freedom. The director is Mohammed Diab and he's a brilliant guy."

Hawke added that he had an opportunity to work with Diab on another project, and that he's a huge fan of the filmmaker. But it was the series star who really drew him in.

"A lot of it is Oscar, to me, to be honest with you," Hawke said. "I find him to be a very exciting player in my field. I like what he's doing with his life. He reminds me of the actors, when I first arrived at New York, that I looked up to. Oscar's younger than me, and I like the way he carries himself, and I like the way he thinks. And in general, good things happen when you're in the room with people that you like the way they think, right?"

Hawke went on to explain his interpretation of superhero films in today's society and their importance. He mentioned that there is room for many different projects to exist in Hollywood entertainment.

"And you have to speak to your time, right? You can't pretend you don't live in the time period that you live in. You have to try to make your time period better," Hawke said.

Moon Knight is expected to start filming soon and is rumored to premiere on Disney+ in 2022. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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