Marvel Zombies Co-Creator Robert Kirkman Not Involved With Disney+ Animated Series

Robert Kirkman won't be taking a bite out of Marvel Zombies, the Marvel Studios animated series announced for Disney+. Kirkman, who wrote the five-issue Marvel Comics limited series about zombified superheroes that inspired an episode of Disney+'s animated What If...?, reveals he's not involved with the series spinning out of "What If... Zombies?!" Reacting to the announcement during Disney+ Day on Friday, the brains behind Marvel Zombies and The Walking Dead says he's "happily very busy" working outside of the infinite Marvel multiverse. 

"Because I'm being asked. I'm very excited for this show. If it's anything like the What If… episode it's going to be great," Kirkman tweeted in response to Friday's news. "But I'm not a writer or producer on it. I learned about the show today with everyone else. I'm happily very busy working on my own stuff."

Kirkman is an executive producer on AMC Network's series of live-action Walking Dead Universe zombie dramas and is co-writing the franchise's first feature film, planned as the start of a theatrical trilogy about Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes. Kirkman is also a writer-executive producer on Amazon's Invincible, the adult animated series inspired by his Image Comics superhero comic book renewed for Seasons 2 and 3 at Amazon Studios.

The Marvel Zombies animated series from Marvel Studios reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading zombie scourge, according to a synopsis revealed during Disney+ Day. Bryan Andrews (What If...?) serves as director and executive producer on the series written by executive producer Zeb Wells (Robot Chicken, Marvel's upcoming She-Hulk). 

Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips teamed for the five-issue Marvel Zombies, reuniting for the one-shot prequel comic Marvel Zombies: Dead Days and the limited sequel series Marvel Zombies 2. Since their first appearance in the pages of Mark Millar and Greg Land's Ultimate Fantastic Four in 2005, the zombies spawned a franchise that includes several sequels and the crossover comic Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness

Other animated series announced for Disney+ include Spider-Man: Freshman Year, revealing Peter Parker's MCU origin storyX-Men: The Animated Series sequel and revival X-Men '97, and the official confirmation of What If...? Season 2

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