Price Is Right Announcer George Gray Recovering After Suffering Three Massive Heart Attacks

Price Is Right announcer George Gray is recovering after suffering three massive heart attacks last week. His representatives confirmed the news with Variety and told the publication that he was doing better now. The 53-year-old had some chest pain last week and got rushed to the hospital. Doctors had to operate and put in a stent to restore blood flow after the first attack. The stent would fail after being placed in one of his arteries and then came the second attack. After all that, a second stent was inserted, but during his first walk around the hospital, the second stent failed. There was a third heart attack on the operating table and it was even more dire. The left anterior defending artery, commonly known as the “widow maker” because of its dubious connotations. Gray is currently recuperating in Arizona.

“He is recovering well, considering his brush with death this week. I was able to speak to him for about 20 minutes this morning, and he is in good spirits after the scare of his life. He is currently resting and focusing on recovery,” Phil Viardo, his representative, told the publication.

According to him, Gray “wants this to be a lesson to people everywhere that heart health is important to monitor and that this can happen to a person at any age.” Viardo went on to thank all the fans and co-workers who reached out with support amid such a scary situation.

Gray has been the regular announcer on CBS’ hit game show since 2011. Before that he hosted “The Weakest Link” along with “$25 Million Hoax” and “I’d Do Anything”.


Read a synopsis for The Price Is Right below:

Television's longest-running game show, featuring host Drew Carey, where audience members try to win cash and prizes. It premiered on CBS: Sept. 4, 1972. Hosted by Drew Carey. Produced by: FremantleMedia. North America Executive Producer: Mike Richards. Co-Executive Producer: Evelyn Warfel. Producer: Adam Sandler. Prize Producers: Eric Mills. Co-Producers: Stan Blits & Sue MacIntyre. Coordinating Producer: Gina Edwards-Nyman. Director: Adam Sandler. Music Director: Stanley Blits. Theme: "The Price Is Right" Theme by Edd Kalehoff for Score Productions.