Saturday Night Live Confirms Jack Harlow for Next Host, Musical Guest

In the midst of tonight's new episode of Saturday Night Live with Megan Thee Stallion acting as host and musical guest, the NBC comedy series has confirmed who will be the anchor for the next episode of the show. Confirmed by the series, the next episode of Saturday Night Live will air on October 29th with Grammy-Award nominated musician Jack Harlow set to host and perform as musical guest (giving them at least two episodes in a row where the host did this). With the confirmation for this episode though, that means Saturday Night Live will not air a new episode next week, October 22nd.

Harlow is best known for his 2020 single "Whats Poppin" which lead to major moves like his Lil Nas X collab "Industry Baby," plus two full-length albums over the past two years. The musician is set to make the leap to acting soon, having previously been cast in the reboot of White Men Can't Jump. Response to Harlow appearing on the series has been positive so far, with comments like "hell yes." Another replied: "I wonder how his acting skills are, will tune in to see!"

Some are also pretty excited to hear that Harlow will be the host for what will almost certainly be Saturday Night Live's Halloween episode this year. The trend os host/musical guest prompted another reply, taylor better be the next double duty or i'll cry again."

Even though only two episodes of Saturday Night Live has been released in season 48 the series has already courted a bit of controversy. First the opening credits for the new season left off one key cast member, Cecily Strong, who wasn't previously confirmed to have departed; it was later confirmed that she will return to the series but is currently shooting another project. Another was after a sketch made it to air featuring host Miles Tenner and other mainstays dressed up as the bear family from the Charmin brand toilet paper commercials. As some pointed out, the sketch was eerily familiar to a sketch filmmaker Joel Haver shared with fans online back in July, though Haver doesn't believe there was any ill intent.

Saturday Night Live Season 48 is ongoing now with new episodes airing on both NBC and Peacock. All 47 seasons of Saturday Night Live are also now streaming on Peacock.