Star Wars: The Mandalorian Star Unsure if We'll See Bo-Katan's Post-Rebels Life

Star Wars: The Mandalorian star Katee Sackhoff revealed if viewers would ever get to see what happened between Star Wars Rebels and the Disney+ series. She plays Bo-Katan and a number of viewers were beyond excited to see her pop up in The Mandalorian in last week’s chapter. She sat down with Variety to discuss how the series has gotten to this point. It’s clear that Mando’s journey with The Child is headed to some places that will explore the core Mandalorian philosophy, and Bo-Katan is front and center in that conversation. For Sackhoff though, all of these facts don’t mean that viewers will get some sort of expository dump that exposes every single thing the characters were up to in the meantime.

“They know this world so well and there were these beautiful conversations I had with them about this world and where Bo-Katan has been and where she’s going. Only they really know; honestly, I don’t. We’ll have to see what they decide,” Sackhoff teased. “Just because something exists in the world in Dave’s mind and his imagination doesn’t mean it will come to fruition because he truly does live in this world where people are more than characters. Just because a backstory exists doesn’t mean it is for everyone else to know as well.”

The actress also talked about how she went about bringing Bo-Katan to life on-screen in live-action.

"One of the funnest things for me was establishing her look. The look of her face was so important to me because there were details about her that as a fan of Clone Wars and Rebels I’ve been accustomed to seeing," she continued. "Her freckles, her red hair, her green eyes, her eyebrows which point down in a slightly unnatural way, and the scar on her forehead. I wanted all of it to be there, and to their credit, [Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni] and Bryce let me sit down and really play with that."

Sackhoff elaborated, "With the hair color, we know what she looks like in animation, but does that translate to live-action? Just because she has bright orange hair doesn’t mean that’s the natural look on a real person. We altered and darkened her hair a little bit, we made the eyebrows just a touch more subtle, but they’re still there. I really wanted to make sure the fans recognized her and that she wasn’t a jarring presence for them visually. I didn’t want them to pick her apart, I wanted them to just enjoy the story with her in it."


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