Stargirl Creator Teases More for Icicle's Son, Artemis Crock in Season 2

The first season of DC's Stargirl left the series in an interesting place. While the young heroes of the Justice Society of America were victorious over the Injustice Society of America with the defeat of several major villains -- including Jordan Mahkent/Icicle, the season finale left things a bit more open-ended for other characters on the series, particularly some of Courtney Whitmore's classmates. And when it comes to two of them, series creator Geoff Johns says fans will be seeing more of them in Season 2.

TV Line reports that, according to Johns, fans will "definitely" get to see more of Icicle's son Cameron Mahkent (Hunter Sansone) as well as Artemis Crock (Stella Smith) -- the daughter of Crusher Crock/Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) and Paula Brooks/Tigress (Joy Osmanski). While viewers didn't get to see much of Artemis during Season 1, the series did lay a bit of groundwork for a relationship between Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) and Cameron and considering everything that went down between Stargirl and Icicle -- including his pretty final-seeming defeat -- it will be interesting to see how and if their dynamic changes in Season 2.

Fans will get to see more of some other characters in Season 2 as well. Johns explained during the show's DC FanDome panel earlier this month that despite the season finale showing Hourman (Cameron Gellman) sparing Grundy's life and telling him to leave and never come back, Grundy isn't gone just yet.

"I'm excited for people to see more of Grundy," Johns said. "He's not gone just yet. [There's a] cool story idea for Grundy coming up."

Johns also teased that Eclipso would be "very important" in Season 2 -- something fans got a taste of when, at the end of Season 1, Shiv (Meg DeLacy) sought out a Heart of Darkness diamond from within ISA storage and gleefully said "I see you, Eclipso" -- but he also gave fans a bit of a tease about two of the other characters that have been a hot topic of conversation: the possibility of Jakeem Thunder and Doctor Mid-Nite's owl, Hootie. Johns said that "there's always a chance" for Beth (Anjelika Washington) to get to team up with the owl as Doctor Mid-Nite does in the comics and reassured that he was part of the conversation going forward.

"We will definitely be talking about Hootie at some point," Johns said.

And what about the potential for Jakeem Thunder -- or at least how to deal with that pink pen? Johns explained that while there are a number of other characters and things to introduce along with working with the established characters on the series, that pen is a something fans will get more of in Season 2.

"We do have so many other things to explore with these characters, and other avenues and other characters to meet and introduce, we'll do it the best we can, and we'll do it at our own pace," Johns said. "But we'll definitely be playing with things like the pink pen in Season 2."


DC's Stargirl Season 2 is expected to arrive on The CW sometime in 2021.

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