Stranger Things Producer, Marvel Star Gemma Chan Team Up For Time Travel Series at Netflix

Eternals star Gemma Chan and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy are teaming up for a new genre project. On Thursday, it was announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) that Netflix and Levy's 21 Laps are developing The Moon Represents My Heart, a miniseries that will be inspired by the upcoming debut novel of the same name from Pim Wangtechawat. This limited series will be part of 21 Laps' overall deal with the streamer, which includes current hit series such as Stranger Things. Chan is expected to executive produce and star in the series, which follows a British-Chinese family with the secret ability to time travel. After the parents vanish, their son and daughter search for them across time while coming of age as adults.

Levy and Josh Barry will executive produce The Moon Represents My Heart through 21 Laps, and the project will be overseen by the company's senior VP Emily Morris alongside manager Moera Ainai.

Chan, whose filmography also includes Humans and Crazy Rich Asians, has recently become a regular fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first portraying Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel before playing Sersi in last year's Eternals movie. While a direct follow-up to Eternals has not been announced in the months since, Chan has confirmed that she will return as Sersi, and has expressed her excitement about technically being in the franchise twice.

"I am very lucky in that this is my second time; I feel very fortunate," Chan told Coup de Main Magazine. "It was as much of a surprise to me, as to probably everyone else, but I feel very, very lucky to be part of this film, and amongst this incredible, talented cast. I certainly wasn't expecting to be back. I had run into Kevin Feige on the awards circuit when I was promoting Crazy Rich Asians and he just came up to me and said, 'Oh, we loved your work in the film, and we would love to have you back.' And I just thought he was being nice. I thought: 'Who knows if that will ever happen? And maybe sometime in the distant future… you never know.' I wasn't expecting to be called in. I did a screen test for Sersi quite late in the game. It just caught me by surprise, but I was really, really happy to get the call. I was a fan of the MCU before joining it; I never dreamed I'd be part of it, let alone twice."


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