Superman & Lois: Do The Kent Twins Have Superpowers?

Superman & Lois debuted Tuesday night on The CW and while fans have seen the titular characters -- played by Tyler Hoerchlin and Elizabeth Tulloch respectively -- before, the series premiere is the first time fans have met their sons, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin). As promos and synopsis for the series have suggested, given that they are half-Kryptonian, the Kent twins could inherit their father's superpowers something that could complicate things for the Kent family even more. Fortunately for fans, Superman & Lois wastes no time in revealing if the Kent boys do or do not have their father's powers in Tuesday night's extended series premiere.

Warning: spoilers for the series premiere of Superman & Lois below.

The idea that one or both of their children could inherit Kryptonian powers is something that weighs on Lois and Clark, especially as they get older. Lois feels strongly that they should tell their sons the truth about their heritage and Superman, but Clark wants to wait. He feels like it protects them. However, after Martha Kent's funeral, the boys are in the Kent barn to reset the internet router along with Sarah Cushing (Inde Navarrette) when Jordan slips and falls, bringing down a bunch of pipes with him. Jonathan shoves Sarah to safety before the pipes fall on himself and Jordan but both boys end up coming out of things without a scratch.

The incident leads Jordan to question things and, ultimately for the boys to discover Clark's pod which forces Clark to reveal himself to his sons, but while both Lois and Clark assume that it's Jonathan who has powers due to his athletic prowess, the real reveal comes a bit later. At a bonfire party, Jordan kisses Sarah and draws the ire of her boyfriend. A fight ensues and while both Jordan and Jonathan get their butts kicked, Jordan uses heat vision suddenly, causing the bonfire to explode.


It turns out that it's Jordan, the twin with anxiety and an affinity for video games, who inherited Clark's powers while it appears that Jonathan did not. By the end of the episode, the powers seem like a turning point for Jordan as well as for his relationship with Clark, who vows to be there more for his son. However, viewers might not want to fully rule out Jonathan being powerless just yet. While the episode makes it pretty clear that it's Jordan who has the powers, there is a moment during the opening montage that shows a young Jonathan throwing a football with apparently enough force to snap the rope holding up the old tire swing on the Smallville farm. As that's something that seems like a huge feat for a small child, it's possible that there are more reveals about the Kent twins to come as Superman & Lois' first season plays out.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.