The Ark Season 2 Trailer Released by SYFY

The Ark returns for Season 2 in July.

SYFY's The Ark is set to return for Season 2 on Wednesday, July 17th and now the network has released an official trailer to give fans a taste of what's in store for the sci-fi series.  As you can see in the video below, the Season 2 trailer kicks off on a hopeful note as Lt. Sharon Garnet (Christie Burke) drink to a "brighter future", but from the looks of things, getting to that brighter future may not be as easy as one might hope. The trailer teases plenty of challenges for the crew of Ark One — and some of those challenges seem pretty major.

Set 100 years in the future, The Ark takes place aboard the Ark One, an interstellar vessel carrying humanity's last hope for survival. When an unforeseen accident kills off a large chunk of their essential crew members, the remaining passengers must come together and complete the mission of finding — and colonizing — another habitable planet.

"What people care about most is the characters," Devlin said previously. "Do they relate to them? Are they unique? Are they surprising? Are they compelling? Do I love them? Do I hate them? And yes, our plots are important, the stories are important, but it's always secondary to the characters. So, the trick is trying to make a diverse group of people who think differently, who act differently, who talk differently. And then to find actors who are compelling; people you want to watch week after week."

In Season 2, "after the brave crew of Ark One reaches their destination and finds it. uninhabitable, they must survive long enough to locate a new home for themselves and all the ships that follow." The Ark was created by Dean Devlin, who also serves as showrunner. It is co-executive produced with Jonathan Glassner.

"The success of The Ark is just another example of delivering on a promise to provide a wide spectrum of quality shows across our linear, cable and streaming portfolios.," Lisa Katz, President Scripted Programming at NBCUniversal and Streaming said when the series was renewed. "Heading into space with Dean and Jonathan has truly been a trip worth taking and we're tremendously excited about how this otherworldly adventure will continue in Season 2."

The Ark Season 2 stars Jelena Stupljanin as Evelyn Maddox, Christie Burke as LT. Sharon Garnet, Reece Ritchie as LT. Spencer Lane, Richard Fleeshman as LT. James Brice, Stacey Read as Alicia Nevins, Diana Bermudez as Kimi Joma, Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic, Jadran Malkovich as Dr. Marsh and Ryan Adams as Angus Medford.