The Boys' Nathan Mitchell on if Black Noir Will Ever Turn on Homelander

The world created in Amazon's The Boys very much riffs on the comics published by leading publishers month in and month out. In fact, the latest season of the series had a very direct homage to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with one of the movies developed on-screen in the show. The movie, of course, featuring Antony Starr's Homelander in the role of Superman.

Then there's Black Noir, a character many might consider The Boys' equivalency of Batman. When we caught up with Nathan Mitchell, Black Noir himself, earlier this month, the actor mentioned he didn't think Homelander and Black Noir would ever come to blows on the series — though he won't necessarily ever rule it out.

"I think that's a very sneaky, clever way of potentially getting insight into Noir's ultimate dynamic. I don't know if Homelander thinks that. And I think perhaps Noir has potential that's untapped," Mitchel told's Matt Aguilar. "But I think the dynamic that exists between Homelander and Noir is, right now, as you've seen, there's a comradery, there's an affection, there's a trust. Homelander knows he can send Noir to get the job done and Noir will do what he needs him to do, no questions asked."

He added, "And Noir similarly, I think Homelander... There's a good vibe between them. I think that we'll have to see what unfolds in the future, but for right now, I think there's a good vibe. And I don't think there's a lot of animosity or any looking over the shoulder on Homelander's part. Whether there should be or not, who knows? But right now, I think things are pretty cool and chill between them."

As we saw at the end of The Boys Season Two, Black Noir really isn't in the best shape as he's been knocked out cold by an almighty Almond Joy candy bar. Homelander, on the other hand, lost fight after fight and is being blackmailed — if you can call it that — by Starlight, Queen Maeve, and company, forcing him to stay in line.

The show's third season is expected to begin production soon as showrunner Eric Kripke has teased many of the scripts for the season have already been written.

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime.


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