The Boys' Claudia Doumit Reveals When She Learned About Big Twist

The second season of The Boys has sadly come to a close, but the final episodes of the installment certainly weren't without their surprises. Perhaps the most shocking reveal of all (which is saying a lot with this show) is that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman has actually been a Supe in disguise the entire time. While seemingly working to take down Vaught, Victoria had her own agenda, and she was the one behind all of the exploding heads throughout the season.

Victoria's secret identity twist was a major surprise to fans, but it was just as surprising to the actress who played the character. The Boys star Claudia Doumit recently sat down with's own Matt Aguilar to break down the ending of Season 2, and revealed that she wasn't told about the twist until that script came in.

"No. No, I had no idea. I was completely clueless. I was in the dark," Doumit explained. "No, I just thought she was this cool Congresswoman coming in to fuck shit up and take down Vought. And that's how she was pitched. And I'd see Eric passing by on set and he'd just say to me, 'Got big stuff for Neuman, really exciting stuff.' And I'd say, 'Yeah, cool man. Really exciting stuff for Neuman.' 'Yeah, she's got this scene where she's giving a speech at a rally.' I was like, 'That is cool. That is cool.'

"And I was trying to get into the headspace of it and I'm like, 'He's really stoked about this. He's really psyched for this,' and it was just insane because they'd just blown up a whale and in comparison, I was like, 'I don't know that this is on par with the other stuff happening in the show to be excited about.' But then I got the episode. I got the script for the second to the last episode, episode six, and I read it and I was like, 'Oh, she's exploding heads. She's a fucking supe. Oh my God, yes.' And I just lost my mind and I was so excited."

Of course, the impact of Victoria's identity will be felt my many character in Season 3, most notably Hughie, who ended Season 2 by taking a job on the Congresswoman's campaign staff.

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