The Flash: Stephen Amell Would Like to Return for Arrowverse Series' Final Season

When The Flash returns to The CW sometimes in 2023 it will be for its ninth and final season and with the series coming to an end, there's one major Arrowverse alum who would like to be part of the farewell. Arrow star Stephen Amell says that he be open to returning as Oliver Queen for The Flash's final season — though he did note that he hasn't been asked to make an appearance yet. Amell made the comments during a recent Instagram Live (via Screen Rant), addressing the question fans have been asking for some time now.

"People ask me if I'm going to come back for The Flash final season," Amell said. "I guess you're just going to have to watch. Haven't been asked, but you know, that'd be fun."

The last time fans saw Amell on The Flash was during "Crisis on Infinite Earths" back in Season 6. A return for Amell's Oliver Queen would be an interesting situation as the last time fans of the Arrowverse more broadly saw the character, he had died saving the Multiverse. That said, a recent tie-in comic book series from DC that featured stories from The CW shows revealed a future in which Oliver — as The Spectre — makes a return and considering that running to the future has always been a part of The Flash's wheel house, it might not be too much of a stretch to consider some sort of cameo as the final Arrowverse show takes a bow.

Do any other Arrowverse actors want to return to The Flash?

Amell isn't the only Arrowverse alum who would be interested in returning to The Flash for its final season. Zoom actor Teddy Sears has previously expressed interested in coming back for a final run.

"I'm not being coy here: My hope is that yes, you will," Sears said of a Zoom return. "I don't know if you will. I've been trying to ask. I'm still in contact with a lot of cast… I talk to Grant Gustin all the time, Danielle [Panabaker]… Tom Cavanagh is no longer there, but he and I stay in touch… and Jesse Martin… so it would be my highest hope that I get to do one more in the final season.

Has there been casting news for Season 9 of The Flash?

There has already been some casting news for the series' final season. Jon Cor, who plays Mark Blaine/Chillblaine, has been promoted to series regular for the final season and it was also announced that Richard Harmon had been cast as the new Captain Boomerang. Additionally, it was recently announced that Batwoman star Javicia Leslie is also coming to The Flash, though details about her role and number of episodes has not yet been revealed.

The Flash will return for its ninth and final season in 2023.