The Walking Dead: World Beyond Cast Teases Pollyanna McIntosh's Return as Jadis in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Worlds collide when a helicopter carrying The Walking Dead's Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) touches down on Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Before the two-season event series reaches its epic conclusion, the spin-off crosses over with the wider Walking Dead Universe to answer what happened to the scavenger survivor after her fateful helicopter flight with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Six in-universe years after she disappeared aboard a copter marked with the Three Circle symbol of the Alliance of the Three on a Season 9 episode of The Walking Dead, Jadis returns as a decorated officer of the Civic Republic Military.

How has Jadis' journey led her to World Beyond, and how might it tie into the Walking Dead Movie revealing what comes after Jadis and Rick's trip aboard a CRM chopper? We asked series stars for intel ahead of the Season 2 premiere October 3 on AMC.

"I think what's really special about walking into a large universe, I've done it a few times in the past... you know that this storyline is already so established, and runs so deep, and can bend and shift at any point, and things bleed into one another," Nico Tortorella, who plays Felix, exclusively tells ComicBook's Brandon Davis. "And it was fantastic to have Pollyanna come and join this season, she brings such a force to Jadis, and to just the universe in general, that it really grounded our story in the larger Walking Dead universe, and that's important."

"I'm happy she's here," Tortorella adds of McIntosh. Asked about their character meeting a missing Rick in Season 2, Tortorella tells us, "Rick Grimes is a fictional character, so I don't think anyone's actually met him in real life. To be continued, to be continued." 

According to Julia Ormond, reprising her role as the uncompromising CRM Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek, answers about the high-ranking Jadis and Kublek's mutual mission as the "last light of the world" are classified. "That's a 'Nope, no, we're not allowed to go there,'" Ormond says. 

Annet Mahendru — no stranger to dealing in secrets as Kublek's daughter and CRM mole Huck, a.k.a. the double-crossing Jennifer — is unsure "if we can talk about" Jadis and the role she plays in Season 2. Adds Alexa Mansour, returning as Civic Republic Asset Hope Bennett: "We just note that she's featured in a trailer, but we haven't revealed anything else about her at this point." 

Nothing will be declassified until Jadis returns this season on The Walking Dead: World Beyond, returning October 3 on AMC. New episodes stream one week early all season long Sundays on AMC+. 


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