Tiger King: Dancing With The Stars Commercial Leads To New Information About Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband

Dancing With The Stars featured a commercial requesting more information about the disappearance of Don Lewis while Carole Baskin was competing on the show. Well, that ad led to people coming forward with “legitimate” tips according to the Lewis family attorney. John M. Phillips is the man representing the disgruntled family and he talked to USA Today about the developments since the ad hit the airwaves. Of course, with Tiger King’s wild popularity people were going to call in. Now, there were some who just wanted to voice their pleasure about the story not just going away. But, surprisingly some people had specific details surrounding Phillips’ disappearance. It seemed like Baskin’s role in the entire situation was all anyone could talk about early in quarantine and with this new development that really hasn’t changed very much.

Phillips told USA Today, "well over 100" calls have been made this week to a tip line and his law office, "and we've gotten legitimate tips. Some of them are (just) 'I watched 'Tiger King,' and I think Carole Baskin did it ' – kind of wasteful. But then there’s some pretty specific tips and locations mentioned that we’re gonna check out."

"The problem with this case over the last 23 years is not enough people have provided information," he added. "And now we almost have the opposite problem – that we have too much information… Some locations that we need to check out have been revealed. Some people we need to check out have been revealed. We’re gonna take some statements and see where it leads.”

Comicbook.com discussed the Tiger King 48 Hours Special that let even more people get the read on this bizarre story.

Adam Barnhardt wrote, “Airing Wednesday, September 9th on CBS, The Tiger King Mysterday sat down with Trish Farr-Payne to uncover some startling new evidence in the disappearance. Farr-Payne is the ex-wife of long-time Lewis handyman Kenny Farr and will say on the show she believes her ex-husband may have had something to do with the disappearance of his boss.”


“Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister has gone on-record saying Baskin is neither a suspect or a person of interest in the case,” he continued. “It was Chronister who confirmed the forgery of Lewis' will earlier this summer, revealing the statue of limitiations on any criminal charges had long expired.”

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