Titans Season 3 Wraps Filming for 2020 With New Jason Todd BTS Photo

The holidays are almost upon us, and that means production on HBO Max's Titans has come to a close [...]

The holidays are almost upon us, and that means production on HBO Max's Titans has come to a close for 2020. The third season is still in the works, but the cast and crew are going on a break to celebrate the holidays at the end of the year, and one crew member is celebrating by giving fans a glimpse of Jason Todd. Cinematographer Boris Mojsovski took to Instagram to share a photo of Curran Walters on the set, along with a festive slate.

"The Festivus slate marked the last day of shooting in 2020 for the Titans crew and cast," Mojsovski wrote in the post. "Happy Holidays — stay safe, wear a mask and be kind."

While Walters has starred as Jason Todd on Titans since the first season, his character will be undergoing a pretty serious transformation in this new installment. He will finally be moving on from Robin and taking on the mantle of Red Hood, following his trajectory from the comics.

Walters has been preparing to take on the Red Hood version of Jason Todd for a while now, even though he wasn't big into the comics before getting cast.

"I wasn't that too crazy into comics," Walters told ComicBook.com. "I knew, of course, of Batman and Robin and all the other crazy famous characters. But as soon as I booked the role, I went out to the local comic book stores, and I got everything I could find on Jason's story, obviously to get kind of a feel for where the future of the character goes, if it goes that way. I watched the movie. I read all the comic books, and I got a feel for the character and where I needed to take it when I got on screen."

"You know, on the day, you have all this pressure of booking a comic book role, especially since the character's been around for so long," he continued. "You feel a sort of pressure on you, but I just did my best, and I think I nailed the role, and all the fans are pretty happy with it. And one thing about the character too is like, I felt like in a way I did have to act, but I didn't. It's all how I am in person. I'm very energetic. I'm very just all over the place. So, half of it was like, 'Hey, that's just me' and half of it was, 'Oh, I got to act,' so. It was definitely awesome."

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