Here's What Tom Holland Would Look Like as Ben 10

Cartoon Network fans got a look at what Tom Holland could like like as Ben 10 this weekend. Aitesam Farooq, aka SpiderMonkey23 dropped an amazing photoshop of the Spider-Man star as the cartoon hero and now the Internet wants to see it happen in real-time. (Check out these skills!) The artist dropped the post a couple of days ago on social media and then it caught fire later today. Needless to say, whenever there’s a subtly youthful hero on-screen people begin calling for Holland to step into the role. However, it’s important to point out that he would have to be Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 Alien Force or Ultimate Alien at this point in his life. (I just thought about those seasons and made myself sad…)

Near the release of the Ben 10 reboot, had the chance to speak with Man of Action members Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Roselau. They talked about how that more mature focus actually motivated them to revisit Ben’s childhood days in the reboot.

“A big wake-up call for all of us was when Joe Casey came into the room a couple of years ago and he said ‘I’m done with plot!’” Seagle shared. “And he’s a provocateur, he likes to make pronouncements like that. But in a lot of ways, he was right: plot is the problem. These stories need to be thematically-based.”

He continued, “We’re always trying to tell stories about a something that a kid is thinking about or worrying about or wishing about, and then we let the plot come to it after that. That way, the show can kind of stay fresh forever, because themes are limitless. You can constantly evaluate them in different ways, whereas plot drove him to age, drove him to learn things and commit to things. It evolved the show in a great way that was fun, but in a way that left kids behind in the dust.”

“What were the core elements of the character — the exciting elements?” Rouleau wondered. “From our point of view, we felt like Ben at ten…we moved very quickly into Alien Force and we didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted with him in his 10-year-old phase. So it was a chance for us to revisit that time and some of the things that we found were the inspiration for the character in the first place a little further. Cartoon Network had a similar idea; they were very glad to hear that we were thinking in a sense the same thing.”


“We love comic books, we love serial storytelling, and we want to evolve things that way, but when you do, you run the risk of alienating your core audience, or aging them,” Seagle continued. “And that’s what happened.”

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