Trolls Animated Series Leaves Netflix for Hulu, Watch the First Trailer for TrollsTopia Here

Hulu has released the official trailer for Trolls: TrollsTopia, a new animated series that picks up where Trolls World Tour left off. If you're a little confused, thinking that there was already a Trolls animated series, and that it wasn't at Hulu, you're absolutley right. Following the first Trolls movie, a series titled Trolls: The Beat Goes On headed to Netflix. But if you bought the Trolls World Tour Blu-ray when it came out earlier this year, you would have seen an insert in the case advertising TrollsTopia coming to Hulu. The biggest difference is that, since it follows World Tour, it will include the various tribes of musical trolls from that film.

The animated series won't be the high-end CG that the movies are, but rather will be traditional 2D animation in the same style as Trolls: The Beat Goes On. It provides an interesting experience to casual fans, then, when they're looking at some of the new characters rendered in this art style, so it's maybe not entirely surprising that the first teaser is essentially setting up who each of the characters and groups are, in case you either can't tell, or didn't see Trolls World Tour.

You can see the trailer below.

Trolls World Tour was one of the first movies to head to streaming on an expedited schedule after the pandemic caused Americans to go into lockdown mode. As a result, it was a huge hit on VOD platforms, topping rental and purchase charts for weeks.

You can read the show's official synopsis below.

Trolls: TrollsTopia! is the next chapter in the Trolls’ hair-raising adventures.

During the Trolls sequel, Trolls: World Tour, everything gets turned on its hair when Poppy learns there are five other musically themed Trolls tribes scattered throughout the forest. Now, armed with her endless positivity she decides to bring delegates from the Country Western, Classical, Funk, Techno, and Hard Rock tribes to live together in her village, to form a new Trolls city and promote friendship and harmony in a grand experiment she calls… TrollsTopia!

The delegates from the other villages won’t be the kings or queens we met in Trolls World Tour – those characters will remain in their respective villages and continue to function as the leaders of their tribes. Instead, we’re going to meet new, original characters that represent the fun features of their home tribes.


All episodes of TrollsTopia premiere November 19. If you don't have a Hulu subscription, you can try it out here.

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