Twin Peaks Star Kyle MacLachlan Shares GoFundMe for Real-Life Diner Filming Location

David Lynch and Mark Frost's iconic series Twin Peaks has countless associated imagery that is [...]

David Lynch and Mark Frost's iconic series Twin Peaks has countless associated imagery that is near and dear to the fans and cast of the show. Among the many real life locations in Washington used for Twin Peaks that are instantly recognizable is Twede's Cafe, which stands in for the Double R Diner in the cult classic series, its feature film prequel, and even the 2017 revival on Showtime. Like so many other businesses around the world and United States, Twede's has been hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and as a result have set up a GoFundMe campaign to offer a relief fund for its employees. Now Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan has brought it all full circle by sharing the fund.

"As you may know, @Twedes_Cafe in King County, Washington is an important landmark for #TwinPeaks fans," MacLachlan tweeted. "They have set up a GoFundMe to assist their staff. If you're able to, please donate or share their story."

The Twede's Cafe campaign has set a goal for $50,000 and as of this writing has only raised $4,550. "Twede's Cafe is located within King County, Washington, one of the hardest hit counties in the US," the campaign reads. "We are limited to take-out only and have had to greatly reduce our employees' hours. We are doing our best to keep our staff on the clock, but we are unable to support everyone financially with our drastically reduced sales and as new business owners. We are hoping to raise money that will go directly towards paying our employees and helping them through this tough time."

It continues, "Twede's Cafe is a staple of the community as well as a cherished landmark for Twin Peaks fans. Help keep this iconic diner alive and directly support the staff who are being severely impacted by this global crisis."

Though the long-awaited third season of Twin Peaks arrived in 2017 thanks to an 18 episode limited series on Showtime that saw the returns of a majority of the cast, in addition to Lynch and Frost. There are currently no plans for a Season Four of the series.

MacLachlan will be revisiting the series this Wednesday though, taking part in a live-tweet of the pilot episode on the 30th anniversary of its premiere. Starting at 11:30 AM PT, MacLachlan will follow that with an Instagram Live video with co-star Mädchen Amick to further talk about their experiences with the series.