WandaVision Episode 5 Reveals What Happened to Vision's Body After Avengers: Endgame

WandaVision has revealed what happened to Vision's body after the tragic events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. That reveal comes in WandaVision Episode 5, "On a Very Special Episode...", which is the first episode to tell the story from two perspectives: inside Wanda's fantasy sitcom bubble (designated "The Hex"), and what's happening in the real world, as Marvel's new SWORD agency tries to investigate and intervene with the phenomenon in the town of Westview. It's during one of those SWORD briefings that we get the full breakdown of what went down with Vision after Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his head.

Warning: WandaVision Episode 5 SPOILERS Follow!

As it turns out, SWORD took possession of Vision's body after the synthetic hero was destroyed by Thanos. When Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) tries to argue that Wanda isn't a terrorist threat, SWORD Director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) is quick to counter that assertion. Among other examples of Wanda's history in the MCU, Hayward reveals to Monica that Wanda's campaign to create her own reality may in fact have been very premeditated. The director shows Rambeau a video of Wanda storming a SWORD facility where Vision's body was being dismantled and examined. According to Hayward, Wanda took Vision's remains and headed then caused the incident in Westview.

While this seems to be one major reveal, like so many things in WandaVision it could also be a red herring. Hayward seems very intent on painting Wanda as the villains of WandaVision's story, and only shows Monica a select portion of footage of Wanda. However, it gets hard to argue SWORD is the villain after Wanda confronts Hayward and Rambeau, and shows SWORD how unafraid of them she really is.

The scene with Wanda storming SWORD's base is especially worth examining. First of all, it's a clear visual Easter egg to Marvel Comics series Avengers West Coast and its "Vision Quest" storyline of the late 1980s. That story saw Scarlet Witch go on a mission to recover Vision's body from a government agency - eventually leading to Vision's resurrection in a chalk-white body.

What Happened VIsion After Avengers Endgame Explained WandaVision Episode 5 Spoilers SWORD

Another curious tie-in is the Avengers: Endgame deleted scene that WandaVision star Paul Bettany spoke of recently:

"At one point I was going to be in a tag, where [Wanda] opened a sort of body bag drawer and there was the Vision," Bettany told IMDb. "Kevin kind of talked to me and said, 'I've got to pull the shots.'"


Now we may know exactly why Kevin Feige pulled that scene from Avengers: Endgame. As stated, Wanda reconnecting with Vision's body takes on a whole new context when you layer in the SWORD connection. Feige may come up with a much bigger vision for what that moment leads to.

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