Bobby Lashley Addresses Attacking Drew McIntyre at WWE Elimination Chamber

Bobby Lashley addressed attacking Drew McIntyre during the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Although many fans did not expect to see many changes to the overall championship title picture since Wrestlemania 37 is so close, the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view came with a few notable surprises. The first of which was that Riddle defeated both John Morrison and Bobby Lashley to become the new United States Champion. Rather than direct his anger toward Riddle, Lashley showed up following the end of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship of which Drew McIntyre had emerged the victor.

Attacking Drew McIntyre, he has weakened the WWE Champion to the point where The Miz was able to take advantage of the confusion by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract opportunity and emerging as the new WWE Champion at the end of the pay-per-view. Lashley broke his silence about the whole ordeal with fans on Twitter. Making things more mysterious, Lashley only offered a single word "business":

Lashley's attack and further tease here are certainly one of the big questions heading into Fastlane and Wrestlemania 37. With Lashley officially losing the United States Championship and attacking McIntyre, does this mean that Lashley is now in WWE Championship title picture? There's also the question of why he had seemingly worked with The Miz as he did not interfere when The Miz cashed in his contract opportunity.

There was a brief tease during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view that saw MVP speaking with the Miz backstage, and while their conversation could not be heard, it had appeared that MVP was pitching an idea to the would be WWE Champion. If this is part of the "business" Lashley is referring to, there could be an explanation on the way during Monday Night Raw.

But there's also the mystery as to whether or not Lashley will be pursuing the United States Championship further. Because if he's directing his attention towards McIntyre for now, he might skip out on the potential rematch with Riddle. With the Wrestlemania 37 card still being put together, there are all sorts of potential directions for this to go. But what do you think? How would you like to see WWE settle Lashley's attack on McIntyre? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!