Watch: EC3 Releases Video of His First Post-WWE Match

EC3 (real name Michael Hutter) was initially released as one of the many former members of the WWE roster that had been released as part of WWE's efforts to cut down costs during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, and after some teasing for a few weeks, the former Ethan Carter III has shared a video featured his first match outside of the WWE. In the video, the former EC3 takes on a much different persona than his former TV self as he seeks to control his "narrative" and thus seeks to completely distance himself from his WWE past.

Seeking to control his narrative and "Free EC3," the video sees a build up of this new persona as the former WWE star even burns a few of his WWE memorabilia such as an EC3 action figure and a pair of the tights he wore as the character on TV. But now we have gotten a taste of what kind of monster he will be in this new direction.

In this first match outside of the WWE, the former EC3 builds a mysterious character that has a match that serves as a warning to future opponents. As to who those opponents might be now that the former WWE star is a free agent, it's really up in the air. As part of the build up to "The Narrative," he has teased signings to All Elite Wrestling along with other promotions like Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

As his 90 day non compete clause wraps soon, fans should keep an eye out to see where this former WWE star will land as he controls his narrative. The timing of this teaser video does line up with a few upcoming events such as Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary, but it's truly anyone's guess at this point.


But wherever he does end up, it won't be with the WWE any time soon as he's gone quite public with how displeased he was with how they handled the EC3 character. He had this to say about his initial debut on Monday Night Raw back in 2019, "Any gimmick is an opportunity to act like a fool and get paid for it. I'm of the school of thought that I have the ability ot make anything worst. But probably a mute one-dimensional character that just posed in front of a mirror because "he has muscles so he's a guy that just looks in the mirror harhar."

How do you feel about EC3's first match outside of the WWE? What do you think of his new persona? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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